Excursions to Monte Arci

Mount Arci is a massif of volcanic origin, whose eruptions gave rise to the largest obsidian deposit in the Mediterranean, the ancient black gold of Sardinia, used by the ancient Sardinians to make weapons and tools. Along its paths you will walk, surrounded by Mediterranean forests of holm oaks and cork oaks, until you reach its rocky peaks with wonderful observation points over the entire Gulf of Oristano.

You can discover Mount Arci, with excursions on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback, and experience the suggestions that nature offers in every season of the year.

You will be amazed at the landscapes and emotions that only an old volcano can give you!

For those who want to experience spirituality and naturalism it will be possible to go up the heart of the mountain, on a path that leads to the foot of the statue of the Madonna Queen of the Mont Arci, a place of worship and deep meditation for all those who want to enrich their experience with a unforgettable inner journey.