Experiential tourism

The territory of the Union of Municipalities of the Phoenicians offers you the opportunity to experience unique emotions. Experiences that only the most authentic Sardinia can convey through its wonderful scenery and through close contact with its people and culture.

Here you can discover a new way of enjoying your stay, crossing uncontaminated areas, discovering millenary traditions and getting hands-on experience of the customs and traditions of local people yourself.

Imagine kneading the typical bread following traditional techniques and witnessing the ancient methods of fishing in the waters of the placid lagoons, rich in precious lake flora and colourful bird species.

Imagine walking on paths used by ancient people in search of imposing Nuragic towers; a fascinating immersion into the history of the ancient island of Sardinia.

This and much more awaits you in a journey capable of enhancing your desire for discovery and your innate sense of adventure which is far from the echoes of mass tourism. An experience that will fully satisfy your five senses.