The territory

Municipalities Union of the Phoenicians Made up of the municipalities of Palmas Arborea, Santa Giusta, Siamaggiore, Solarussa and Villaurbana, the union represents a natural hinge between sea and mountains in the Gulf of Oristano. Small and welcoming villages that preserve the ancient way of building and still live the same way as the ancient inhabitants of these lands.

The union passes from the coast to the peaks of the old volcano, passing through large lagoons and fertile plains that surround and embrace the gentle hills of Monte Arci and Monte Grighine, where you can find nuraghe, dominators of  flocks and pastures in the period of the Bronze Age, to then return to old marine landing places where the emporiums and ports of the ancient Phoenician merchants came to life.

From the straw yellow of the warmer months to the intense green of spring, the changing of seasons and colours accompany the discovery of this area of Sardinia. A place of customs, traditions, cultural and material values that can still be found in the DNA of local populations.

The territory of the Union of the Phoenicians is in its deepest essence hospitable, slow, spontaneous and familiar. It is distant and different to the rhythms of the classic tourist resorts.

An ideal destination for those who love emotional tourism, a set of experiences that are both spiritual and material, where colour marries flavour, where singing enhances silence and where ancient past and present come together in perfect synthesis.

In these lands, travel is no longer just a holiday and each territory and town are meeting places where visitors will discover a sense of welcome that characterizes the inhabitants of this wonderful land. Proud souls who for millennia have never stopped offering hospitality towards people of every land and of every race, a virtue that enhances differences and encourages sharing.

Curiosity will be the keyword and unique emotions will be the gifts that each guest of the area will take away with them.